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Usually only official racquetballs are used to play Racquetball and are required to be used in tournaments.

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Q: What kind of balls can you use to play racquetball?
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Can you use a racquetball racket to play tennis?

You CAN use a racquetball to play tennis. The real question here is: "Should you use a racquetball racquet to play tennis?" The answer to that question is no, absolutely not.

Can you use a junior tennis racket to play racquetball?

Legally, in competition, no. The size and shape of a racquetball racquet is specific to the structural integrity and overall safety of the racquet.

Should you use a racquetball racquet to play tennis?

No,a racquetball racket is too light for playing tennis. You can not bear the hitting power of a tennis ball with a raquetball racket.

What kind of things do you use to play pool?

a pool stick, pool balls with numers on them, chalker to chalk the top

Why do you use tennis balls?

To play tennis.

What kind of tennis balls do they use at Wimbledon?


What muscles are used in racquetball?

Throughout the course of a racquetball match, you use your forearm,arm,shoulder and legs muscles!

What kind of tennis balls do they use in the US Open?


Can you use a tennis racket to play racquetball?

Answer 1You can but you shouldn't. A tennis racquet is much larger and designed for a larger ball than a racquetball racquet. Officially speaking, it is against the rules to play with anything other than a racquetball racquet. Answer 2Most games have dimensions and rule boundaries placed on official equipment allowable. I believe there are constraints on the racquets that should be used in racquetball, including the shape of the end of the face. There are also practical disadvantages for using tennis racquets in racquetball - they are far too heavy and cumbersome. The ball needs to be struck with a kind of throwing action and one that is very fast.This action is not as efficient or as possible with tennis equipment as it is using the proper impliments.

Does the nfl use special balls for extra points punts and field goals?

All balls are NFL balls that are used to play with.

What kind of balls does David Bowie use in The Labyrinth?

your dad's. x

What is the difference in soccer balls that kids play with and professionals use?

the size

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