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Someone that likes Basketball makes a good supporter !

You need a basic jockstrap. Like the kind you wear for gym. I favor the Duke Pro brand which you can buy at Walmart for, like, five bucks. Been wearing Dukes for many years. They are very durable and make playing the game a whole lot more comfortable. Get one size larger than you normally would wear to account for shrinkage of the jock in the laundry. Some guys would argue that a soft plastic cup is also a good idea. I haven't been beaned in the groin with a basketball yet. Maybe if I had, I'd be recommending a soft cup, too, but personally I think it would just get in the way. One thing you don't want to do is buy a "cup supporter" with the idea of just using the supporter. The pouch on these doesn't support anything but the cup. Without it, you might as well wear a flimsy piece of fabric. Compression shorts with an athletic supporter built in is another option. Personally I hate them. Too much binding and restriction on movement.

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Something really tight.:)

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cup to protect you cohonas

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Q: What kind of athletic supporter is needed for basketball?
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