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Youth means a child or young person, and I assume you know what Basketball means. So youth basketball is basketball played with a child or young adult.

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Q: What is youth basketball?
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What equipment do you need in youth basketball?

Shoes and a basketball.

South Carolina youth basketball of America renking?

what is the renking for South Carolina youth basketball of amercia

When was Pure-Youth Construction Basketball Team created?

Pure-Youth Construction Basketball Team was created in 1995.

What percentage of youth play basketball?

100% of youth play bastardball

What are the rules for youth basketball leagues?

A great way to look up the rules for a youth basketball league is at a website called This website has everything for coaches, parents, and young players who aspire to participate in a young basketball league.

Chances of youth basketball player playing professional basketball?

1 out of 100

What has the author Ralph Edmiston written?

Ralph Edmiston has written: 'Youth league basketball' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Youth league basketball

How high is a youth basketball ring?

10 feet

Does youth basketball have a defensive 3 second rule?


How tall is a youth basketball rim?

depends on their age

Where is the Sweeny Youth Basketball Association in Sweeny Texas located?

The address of the Sweeny Youth Basketball Association is: 5251 Cr 334, Sweeny, TX 77480-8182

How tall do you have to be to be a youth basketball point guard?

Depends what kind of youth but usually you dont have to be very tall.

How much is youth registration for basketball?

45 to 95 dollars

What does CYO stand for in relation to basketball?

Catholic Youth Organization

What is the required height of youth basketball hoop from wheelchair?


How many students play youth basketball in the US?


How many square feet in youth basketball courts?


What is the height of youth basketball hoop?

The height of any basketball hoop size will always be 10 feet

What is Earl Jones the basketball player doing now?

Coaching youth basketball in Mt. Hope, WV

Where are youth basketball leagues located?

Youth basketball leagues are often run by your local park service or community college. Contact them to ask about the schedules and sign up requirements.

Is it bad sportsmanship to play a fullcourt press defense in youth basketball?

no no

Most popular youth sport in US?

probably basketball or football

Where can you get a youth basketball shooting sleeve?

Any sporting goods store.

What has the author Kristen Somogyi written?

Kristen Somogyi has written: 'Knack coaching youth basketball' -- subject(s): Coaching, Basketball, Basketball for children

What is a simple to learn youth basketball offense?

Get a basketball hoop and shoot the ball around. Or have a private lesson to get the basics down.