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Q: How did Asian Youth Games started?
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When was Asian Youth Games created?

Asian Youth Games was created in 2009.

Who started Asian games?


When did Asian games started?


When did the youth Olympics start?

The Youth Olympic games started on 14 August, 2010.

When was Asian Youth Volleyball Championship created?

Asian Youth Volleyball Championship was created in 1997.

Who started first Asian games?

R S Sondhi

Is ping pong a AYG sport?

Yes, table tennis is competed at the Asian Youth Games.

Why is Asian youth games important?

Because not everyone is old enough to compete at 21 or older (usually).

Do you know about the Singapore Paralympics?

As of i know about paralympics singapore, Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) focuses on enabling our elite para athletes to participate in major games like the ASEAN Para Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Para Games, Asian Youth Para Games and Paralympic Games.

What games are Asian?

Asian Played GAmes

When and where did the first asiam games started?

The 1951 Asian Games, officially known as the First Asian Games, was a multi-sport event celebrated in Delhi, India, from 4 March to 11 March, 1951

What is the colour of Asian games flag?

what is the color of asian games

What is the colour is Asian games flag?

what is the color of asian games

When was Asian Games created?

Asian Games was created in 1951.

Where will the Youth Olympic games be?

The first Youth Olympic Games will be in Singapore !

Is Ash Ketchum Asian?

Yes, yes he is because the actual Pokemon games and stuff started there right?

When did the Hitler youth begin?

The Hitler Youth started in 1922.

Asian games medals count in 2009?

There was no Asian Games in 2009.

When was Commonwealth Youth Games created?

Commonwealth Youth Games was created in 2000.

When was Youth Olympic Games created?

Youth Olympic Games was created in 2010.

When was Asian Indoor Games created?

Asian Indoor Games was created in 2005.

When was Central Asian Games created?

Central Asian Games was created in 1995.

When was Southeast Asian Games created?

Southeast Asian Games was created in 1959.

When was East Asian Games created?

East Asian Games was created in 1993.

When was Asian Games Village created?

Asian Games Village was created in 1982.