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Nothing, because it is impossible. There are only ten frames in a game.

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Q: What is your total score if you get eleven spares in a row while you are bowling Yes you can get 12 strike the frame has 3 ball but you only get ten spares the eleventh ball is your pickup.?
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What sport uses a ball to get strikes and spares?

The sport of bowling.

What sport uses ball to get strikes and spares?

The sport of bowling.

What can one do with spare times?

Go bowling and see how many times you can spares.

What type of bowling ball do pros use for ten pin spares?


What are some funny bowling award categories?

One funny Bowling award category would be strangest form while bowling. Other categories could be, most gutter balls, fewest spares, and an award for playing an entire game without getting a strike.

What is the bowling frame that does not have a strike or a spare called?

Yes, a game with all marks (Spares and Strikes) is called a clean game.

Do PartsTrain sell spares for a 1972 Ford pickup truck?

PartsTrain sells a wide assortment of parts for Ford pickup trucks. The 1972 Ford pickup is one of a wide range of Ford trucks that PartTrain covers.

How many times does each player gets to bowl in a typical game?

ten frames If you are talking about tenpin Bowling then each player will bowl between 12 and 21 balls depending on whether you get spares or strikes.

What is a bowling adjustment?

Commonly, a bowling adjustment, is referring to either where a bowler is standing or where a bowling is aiming when throwing the ball. This is done in order to better have the ball hit the "pocket" or for picking up spares. When getting into more advanced bowling techniques, you will find that you will be making adjustments though out each game as the oil on the lane breaks down and your shot changes.

What is mandatory spares?

mandatory spares

What are the definitions for critical strategic and normal spares?

emergency spares ordinary spares that are easy to get

How does the Wii bowling score system work?

The same as regular bowling, spares give you 10 points, strikes give you 20 points, and for your Mii pro status evertime you beat your own high score your almost guaranteed to get at least 100 skill points.