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A soccer diet contains regular, healthy food. No sodas, not too much candy, and much carbohydrates and water. Remember to get tons of fruits and veggies! Dairy is also good for strong bones. A good halftime snack is gummy bears and other sugary candies.

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Q: What is your soccer diet?
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What is a diet for soccer players?

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Do Italian soccer players eat pizza?

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What Diet should a professional soccer player be eating?

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How do you gain weight but stay in shape for soccer?

A person can gain weight but stay in shape for soccer by consuming a high protein diet. Performing strength training exercises will build muscle while cutting fat.

What is a good diet for a soccer player?

Everyone needs a balanced diet to stay healthy, but as a soccer player does a lot of running about and physical activity, they'd need to introduce more carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, rice and cereals) and protein (meat and fish) into their diets. This gives them all the energy and strength they need to keep going.

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