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I have a sears pool table Model # 440-26680 What is yours?

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โˆ™ 2008-11-19 02:12:30
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Q: What is your sears pool table model number?
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Where can one find pool table covers online?

There are a number of places one can purchase pool table covers online. One can purchase them from 'ebay', 'Amazon', 'Sears', 'Walmart' and 'Pool Dawg'.

Where can one purchase a table top pool?

One can purchase a table top pool from a number of stores and online retailers. They can be bought from 'Walmart', 'Amazon', 'eBay', 'Overstock', 'Sears' and 'Toys R Us'.

Does my sears home billiard table model 440.251170 have a slate bed?

The number is not helpful to determine how it was made except at Sears. If you cannot tell by examining it from the bottom, the price alone will give you an idea. Sears does not sell any slate pool tables at $1000 or less. If the table cost $1400 or more, it is almost certainly slate. If it is between those prices, it could be slate or a composite.

You have a 8 foot2 inch x4 foot 6 inch cherry colored veneer Mizerak pool table with a olive green felt that you bought at sears a couple years ago and where do you find what model or style it is?


Where can one buy pool table accessories?

Pool table accessories can be purchased at any sports shop selling pool tables and equipment. For example Sears on the High Street, or online at Amazon or Dickssportinggoods.

Have a pool table and serial number need to know how old it is?

I have pool table but can't find out any information on the style, brand, or anything else. I found a partial tag for it with the model #6029. any help would be appreciated!

Where can a Harley Davidson pool table be purchased?

You can purchase a Harley Davidson pool table online from stores such as Sears. Once on the website, type "Harley Davidson 8ft Radical Flames Pool Table" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the item.

Where can a pool table be purchased?

One can purchase a pool table on websites like eBay, Amazon, Billiards Store, Dick's Sporting Goods, Sears, Best Buy, Sports Authority or Nottage Design.

Where can one purchase a table top pool table?

One may purchase a table top pool table from Sears, Dick's Sporting Goods or eBay. There are many varying sizes and prices available to choose from. Shop around and compare prices for the best deal.

Where can one purchase a pool table and furniture?

Pool tables are available at some furniture and department stores, such as Target, Sears, and Hayneedle. Some of the same stores also sell pool-themed furniture.

Can a pool table have 8 pockets?

No, if a pool table is not configured as a 6 pocket pool table it is not a pool table today.

Where do you find the serial number on a Brinktun Pool table?

under the table on the wood or on the box

6 P on a P T?

6 Pockets on a Pool Table

Who has the best value 8' pool table?

That answer is subjective. The best value is actually a used table. The cheapest that can be purchased often means poor installation - that results in low value although cheap. A good value 8 foot table is 1 inch slate and is put together by a pool table professional. Any pool table supplier, as opposed to Target, WalMart, Sears, etc. can provide an overall better value. The brand is not as important as the installation.

Where can one purchase a Martin Kilpatrick pool table conversion top?

There are several places one can purchase a Martin Kilpatrick pool table conversion top. Theses places include Amazon and Overstock. Sears offers both online and in store purchase options.

Why is a pool table called a pool table?

It is a pocket billiards table, but during the 1920's men would "pool" their money for betting, hence the name pool table came to use. The common term used today is "pool table".

What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table

How old is your pool table?

I do not own a pool table.

How many pockets that a pool table have?

A pool table has 6 pockets

How do you say pool table in french?

Pool table in french is billard

How much is a 1860 Brunswick pool table worth?

Depending upon the model and its condition, this can range from $1000 to $50,000.

Where can you get discontinued replacement parts for a Harvard multi game table?

where do you get repacement parts for the 3 in 1 model # G05643 pool air hockey and table tennis game

Bumper pool table size?

There is no regulation bumper pool table size.

Can one purchase swimming pool supplies at Sears?

"Sears offers a variety of pool supplies. These pool supplies include chemicals, safety equipment, toys, parts and almost anything else that might be needed to operate and maintain a pool."

What are the different type of pool games that one can play on a pool table?

There are many pool games that can be played on a pool table. Some pool table games include eight-ball, nine-ball, three-ball, one-pocket, and bank pool.