What is yes in Madrid?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: What is yes in Madrid?
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Why do they speak Spanish in Madrid?

yes, Madrid is in Spain.

Is the football team Madrid from Madrid Spain?

yes it is

Is Madrid a city?

Yes. Madrid is the capital city of Spain.

Was Rizal in Madrid?

Yes, he studied at the Universidad Central de Madrid.

Is Real Madrid the best in football?

Yes real madrid is the best in football

Can you fly direct from Madrid to Dubai?

Yes, Emirates operate from Madrid to Dubai.

Do they use Euros in Madrid?

Yes, Madrid is the capital of Spain, and Spain uses the Euro.

Is it safe for teenagers to travel to Madrid?

Yes trabvel to Madrid is fairly safe for teenagers.

Does Kaka play for Real Madrid?

Yes. He signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009

Does Madrid Spain have a cathedral?


Has Barcelona ever beat real Madrid 5-0?

Yes Barcelona did beat Real Madrid. 5-0

Does Madrid have an airport?

Yes; Madrid-Barajas Airport serves both domestic and international flights.