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Q: What is wrong with the flick in your kickflip?
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Can you kickflip?

hell yea just pop n flick

What is a kickflip with the board around the wrong way called?

varial kickflip

How do you do a hospital flip on a skateboard?

Start with your feet in the kickflip position and when you spin your kickflip follow through with your foot and then flick the board round in the direction of a shuv. To land this just jump as you would for a kickflip.

Why does your kickflip always goes backside?

Your kickflip always goes backside because instead of flicking the board, your kicking. It's a stupid name because you don't actually kick for the kickflip, you flick.

Why can I varial kickflip and tre flip but not kickflip?

Because you dont have the right foot placements probably and maybe your not getting the flick right or your not floating over your deck.

How do you do a kickflip on a Tech Deck?

you do an ollie but flick ur index finger Diagnal towards u

How do you kickflip on a techdeck?

What you want to do is pop and then flick your pointer finger... Or right when u pop kinda turn your hand towards u and flick a little.

How do you varial kickflip on a skateboard?

Pop the board as if you are going for a shuv then flick your foot out as you would for a kickflip. Do these at the same time. Jump as you would for a shuv. Land it. Bolts!. Roll away.

How can you do triple kickflip on skateboard?

Place your footing in a kickflip position. Go toward a high curb and at the same time, pop the board high and flick the board down as hard as you can.

How do you do a 360 kick flip?

First you have to know how to do a Kickflip, and a 360 pop shuv-it. And basically you pop the board around like a 360 pop shuv-it, and flick it like a kickflip.

How do you heelflip on a Tech Deck?

the way I do a kickflip is put all three fingers on back of the board then do an ollie and flick the board upward and outward. all you have to do is flick it towards you

What is a hardflip?

A hardflip is kickflip and a frontside pop-shuvit. People commonly flick them through their legs and makes it easier.

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