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In US Football, 3 points are awarded for a Field Goal.

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Q: What is worth 3 points when the kicker kicks the ball through the goal post?
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What is a field goal and how many points are awarded?

A field goal is when a team kicks the ball through the two goalposts (not an extra point, which is a kick taken after a touchdown). A field goal is worth 3 points

Brandon is the kicker for his football team last season he kicked 38 times without a m iss each field goal was worth 3 points and each extra point was worth 1 point that totaled to 70 points how man?

16 field goals plus 22 extra points. 16 x 3 = 48 22 x 1 = 22 -------------- 38 kicks = 70 points

How does the scoring work in rugby union?

In rugby a player can score points for their team in three ways. They can take the ball into the try zone (endzone) and touch the ball to the ground; this is called a try. A try awarded is worth five points to the scoring team. After the try is awarded the scoring team takes the ball back 22meters from where the try was scored and either drop kicks or kicks from a tee the ball. If the kick passes through the uprights two additional points are awarded. A player may also drop kick the ball at any time in the game and if it goes through the goal three points are awarded. Penalties are also worth 3 points.

What is a field goal in NFL football?

This is when the team with possession of the football lines up on the line of scrimage and a kicker from that team tries to kick the football between the two goal posts. If the kicker makes it, it is worth 3 points.

How much are the red kicks worth on YoVille?

Red Kicks are currently worth 15,000 - 20,000 YoCoins.

In basketball is hitting the hoop without the ball going through worth any points?

No, to get any points the ball has to go through the hoop

Brandon kicker of football team last season kicked 38 times without missn each field goal worth 3 points and each extra point was worth 1 point that totaled to 70 points how many field goals kicked?

16 field goals22 extra points

How do you make a three point field goal?

If a team feels they cannot score a touchdown within their four downs they'll usually settle for a field goal which is worth 3 points. This is different from the extra point a team kicks after they've scored a touchdown and that field goal is only worth 1 point. If they want to make sure they'll make it they should bring a very good kicker onto the field and hope he doesn't slip or get it blocked.

Why is a Field Goal only worth 3 Points in American Football?

It's valued less than a touchdown because it's an easier score to make. It wasn't always that way. In the early days, when scoring by kicks was valued over scoring by running (the forward pass wasn't around yet), field goals were worth 5 points, while touchdowns were worth 4 points (and the PAT worth 2).

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When is a field goal worth 6 points?

A field goal is worth 6 points when:Its a fake field goal and the kicker or holder throws a td pass or runs the ball into the endzonea kick is blocked and the blocking team runs the ball into the endzoneyou are in a fantasy league who awards 6 points for extra long Field Goals

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A touchdown is worth how many points?

A touchdown is worth 6 points. After the touchdown, teams either kick the ball through the goal posts for a single point, or they take the ball on the 5 yard line and try to get the ball into the end zone for two points.

What is the Football scoring system?

Offensive Scoring: Touchdown - 6 points field goal - 3 points Two point conversion - 2 points Try (extra point) - 1 point Defensive Scoring: Touchdown - 6 points Safety - 2 points Try Safety (only if the ball is fumbled before kick) - 1 point There is also a little-known kick called a "drop-kick" that is worth two points. For this play the player drop-kicking the ball must line up in a standard shotgun formation behind center. The ball is snapped to the kicker and he must, from a standing position, drop the ball from his hands and kick it (like a punt - but without a running start) and it must pass through the uprights prior to hitting the ground. If it is successful, this is worth 2 points.

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How many points is a regular field goal worth?

In football it is worth 3 points. In basketball it is worth 2 points.

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Never ... its always worth 6 points ...