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The weight of cricket world trophy is around 11 kilograms.The height is 60cm.

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Q: What is weight of cricket world cup trophy?
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How much weight cricket wc trophy?

The weight of cricket world cup trophy is around 11 kilograms.Height of trophy is 60cm.

What was the name of ICC Cricket World-cup Trophy?

It was originally known as the Prudential World Cup after its sponsors.

Did the winners of the prudential cricket world cup keep the trophy with them?


What are the 2 main events for cricket?

I think they are the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy

The name of the trophy awarded in 1984 for world cricket championship?

prudential cup

What is the real weight of the soccer trophy?

WORLD CUP trophy = 72 kilograms

Who won 2004 cricket World Cup?

There wasn't any World Cup in 2004. But there was a Champions Trophy which was won by West Indies.

What trophy did the Pakistan cricket team win in 2009?

ICC T20 world cup Pakistsn won T20 world cup

What was the FIFA World Cup trophy known as from 1930 to 1970?

Till 1970 the trophy was called Jules Rimett trophy.

What is the prudential trophy?

The Prudential Cups trophy were awarded to the winners of the World Cup of Cricket from 1975-1983 when Prudential plc was the primary sponsors

How India celebrate 2011 Cricket World Cup?

India won 2011 Cricket World Cup after 20 years.It was a moment of pride for the whole nation.Players celebrate by lifting the trophy and opening champagne.

What world tournaments are there in cricket?

1)World Cup 2)ICC Champions Trophy 3)ICC World twenty20 4)Asia Cup 5)Chappel-Hadlee Trophy 6)CB Series(Australian Tri Series) 7)Sharja Cup