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about $1000

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Q: What is value of Wilson football signed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice?
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How much would an autographed Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Wilson football be?


How much is a football signed by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice worth?


How much is a football signed by Jerry Rice joe Montana and Steve young worth?

Now it is worth 4,200 for only Joe Montana so, good for you

How much is an official 49er helmet signed by both Joe Montana and Jerry Rice worth?

about 2,500

What is the value of a autographed Jerry Rice and Steve young Super Bowl xxix football it is limited to 250 and is a 3 white panel Wilson?

I have a similar one that was limited to 1995, with 200 being signed by Young and 200 signed by Rice, while only 80 were signed by both, and COA, I was offered $750 for it approx 10 years ago.

How much is a signed Jerry Rice and joe Montana 1990 fleer Super Bowl mvp's card worth?

1,000 dollars

Who is the greatest football player in the US?


How much is my 1989 49er Wilson football worth. autographed by all the team members.?

based on research i have done.. a joe Montana and jerry rice signed ball is worth just about 600.00 six hundred dollars..Key players on the 49ers roster that year included QB Joe Montana, RB Roger Craig, WR Jerry Rice, WR John Taylor, TE John Frank, DL Michael Carter, DE Charles Haley, and DB Ronnie Lott.. so if you got some of these signatures it could go from anywhere between 1000.00 one thousand to about 8000.00 eight thousand depending if you sell it to a private collector or not

Is Joe Montana still on the San Francisco 49ers football team?

yes, of course, still chuckin bombs to jerry rice.

What are some of the most famous football players in history?

Some of the most famous football players in history include Jerry Rice, Joe Montana and Walter Payton. Another very famous football player was OJ Simpson.

Who are three players in the NFL football hall of fame?

Joe Montana (quaterback) Emmitt Smith (running back) Jerry Rice (wide receiver)

How long did Joe Montana and Jerry Rice play together?

Joe Montana and Jerry Rice played together from 1985-1992.

What where the names of thomas Wilson Woodrow children?

tom Wilson jack Wilson and Jerry Wilson

Who are some famous American football players?

here are somelawrence Taylorjerry ricewalter paytonterry bradshawlarry wilsonjoe montanaBarry Sanderswell that's what i think hope it helped :)

Who were the wide receivers for joe Montana?

Jerry rice

When was Jerry Green - American football - born?

Jerry Green - American football - was born on 1936-04-16.

When was Jerry Butler - American football - born?

Jerry Butler - American football - was born on 1957-10-12.

When was Jerry Hill - American football - born?

Jerry Hill - American football - was born on 1939-10-12.

What has the author Jerry B Wilson written?

Jerry B. Wilson has written: 'Death by decision' -- subject(s): Euthanasia, Terminal care

Who had more touchdowns as quarterback to receiver Steve young and Jerry Rice or Joe Montana and jerry rice?

steve young to jerry rice

What is Jerry Hughes famous for?

Jerry Hughes is a famous American Football player. He is a linebacker and plays for the Football team Buffalo Bills. Jerry Hughes was born on the 13th of August 1988.

Does Jerry Rice have a son that plays football?

Yes he does, Jerry Rice Jr. He played high school football and plans to attend UCLA.

Who made the movie Hannah Montana The Movie?

Jerry Bruckheimer

How many rings do joe Montana and Jerry Rice have together?

Montana and Rice have won two Super bowls together.

Who is the greatest football player ever?

very hard to say some of the greatest players include Brett favre, joe Montana, emmit smith, jerry rice, dan marino, L.T, Bo Jackson and MANY OTHERS.