What is used in gymnastics?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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In artistic gymnastics you use a beam, bar, beam and floor and sometimes trampoline and vault. In Rhythmic gymnastics you use rope, ball, clubs, ribbon, hoop, and free (no equipment) all on a floor. # Uneven Bars # High Bar # Parallel Bars # Rings # Balance Beam # Floor Exercise # Pommel Horse # Vault Accessories:

# Chalk # Grips # Leotards # Warmups # tape # music (for floor routines) # Spring board (for the vault) # Springs (to go in the Spring Board) # Mats # Braces (knee, ankle, etc.)

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There's a lot of different equipment used in gymnastics, like the four main Women events for example: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. The men also have other events that women do not use because of natural strengths. Mats and Weights are also used, along with single bars, foam pits, etc.

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Q: What is used in gymnastics?
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No, but it is used as a warm up and used for fitness training in gymnastics.

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In gymnastics they use uneven bars,the beam,floor exercise,and the vault

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a simple incline is used in gymnastics- a "cheese wedge" i think a spring board qualifies as well

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