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Q: What is to bolster as Battery is to torch?
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Why can you charge a car battery but not a torch battery?

A torch (flashlight) battery is a dry cell, and is not designed to be recharged.

What is battery's job in a torch?

powers the torch to give it energy

How does the battery in a torch work?

you spelt battery rong

Why can you charge the battery of a car but not the battery of a torch?

they are two different types of batterys, the car recharges it's battery as you drive, that battery is a rechargable battery. the torch does not have a rechargable battery but you can add one to it.

What does a battery use for in the torch?


Why can you change a car battery but not a torch battery?

You can "change" a torch battery. If you mean "charge", there are plenty of types of torch battery that can be charged. The common carbon-zinc battery, commonly used in torches in the past, is one of the few types left on the market that can't be charged.

How does a torch work using the energy from a battery?

because of the electricity in the battery

Can you charge mobile battery using torch cell?

No, you can not charge a mobile battery using torch cell. <<>>> i think charger need and mobile the same. also battery.

What energy is stored in a torch battery?


How does a battery used in a torch work?

Batteries are inserted negative to positive and the battery contains electricity which produces heat and light therefore making the battery makes the torch work

What should you put in the gap of the battery belonging to the torch for the torch to start working?

a power poiint

Ive cleaned a battery leak in your torch but it still wont work How can you fix it?

When you cleaned the torch did you also put a fresh, clean battery in the torch and test the bulb to see if tht works as well

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