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The most common reason for timeout being called is for an injury. This allows the team staff time to get on the field and either treat or remove the injured, without disadvantaging either team.

Time is usually called if the umpire is awarding a personal penalty (i.e. a warning or penalty card), so that they will not lose attention to the game and can make the message clear to others. It may not be necessary if a penalty corner or stroke is awarded at the same time.

A timeout can be called in some games and leagues if the ball is "lost", e.g. by being hit or flicked over a fence, or going into a drain, while it is fetched or replaced.

Timeout is automatically called at the award of a penalty stroke, and is restarted when play restarts.

Some competitions, such as the Euro Hockey League and a few North American divisions, allow a timeout to be called by the teams themselves, analogous to Basketball or American football, at certain times in the process of play.

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Q: What is time out called for in field hockey?
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