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short game

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Q: What is tiger woods best game of golf?
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Who is the best at golf?

Tiger Woods.

What is the game played by Tiger Woods?


Who is the best player of golf on earth?

Tiger Woods.

Which sports does Tiger Woods play?

Tiger Woods plays golf.

Who is the best golfer to play the sport of golf?

Tiger Woods

What is the name of the best golf player in this earth?

Tiger Woods.

What is the best golf player in the world?

Tiger Woods, of courseBTW that is me

Which game player is richest player in the world?

Golf: Tiger Woods

What is Tiger Woods's dad's name?

Earl Woods. He taught his son how to play the game of Golf.

Why was Tiger Woods at the Colts game?

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are friends. They have even played golf together in a Pro-Am tourney.

Who is famous and plays golf?

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

What is Tiger Woods dads name?

Tiger Woods' dad was called Earl Woods, he passed away in 2006.