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burning in your groin show inflammation or crimp in the musicals

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Q: What is this burning in your groin while doing squats in weight lifting?
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Is squatting everyday bad for your knees?

Doing squats can help your knees, but it depends on how much weight you are carrying when lifting whether its hard on them or not.

How do you lose weight in your thighs?

Doing various types of squats, walking, and riding a bike

How do you avoid injuries in weight lifting?

You can avoid injuries in weight lifting by doing a warm up session before you begin lifting weights and ensuring that you use the weights appropriately.

Do weight lifting exercises burn fat or just build muscle?

In order to burn fat, you must increase and maintain a higher than normal heart rate. So basic weight lifting tends not to be as effective at burning fat as say walking on the treadmill while doing curls.

What do Chinese people wear during sports?

It matters on what they are doing. Like if they were doing weight lifting, they would wear those... weight lifting suits. If they were doing Short Track Speedskating, they would be wearing theskin suitand Kevlar.

What is Armenia doing in the Olympics?

Mostly weight lifting, wrestling and boxing.

Activities when you use for your triceps?

you can use weight lifting, lifting bricks and throwing shot put or doing push ups.

What exercises can a 13-year-old girl do to lose weight from her hips in 4 days?

There is a fact of life that we should all learn. It takes time to put on weight and it takes time to take it off. You can firm up your hips by running, cycling or doing weight lifting "squats", but diet and exercise can only help with a couple pounds in that short time.

How do you exercise thighs?

Try doing sprints (in cardio). Try doing hack squats (also known as leg presses) or leg raises (in weight training).

What is the best weight lifting equipment for bodybuilding?

The best weight lifting equipment for bodybuilding would depend what your son is trying to focus on. If he is doing upper body then buy him a bench press.

How do you lose weight in your thighs in a week?

I have the same exact problem. My thighs are too fat and I need to lose weight from them! I tried doing squats and lunges, and they seem to have improved.

In starting a lifting program where do you start lifting?

first you should max out on the lifts you plan on doing. then you will know how much you need to do to attain a higher weight.