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a rebound

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Q: What is therecovering of a shot that bounces off the back board or the rim in basketball called?
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Is it legal if a basketball bounces over the top of the backboard?

no because u have to use the back board to make it some times!

What is the board near the basket in basketball called?

The board above the basket is called the backboard.

What is the meaning of basketball board?

The Basketball board records the scores of the game.

In basketball what is a board?

A board is another word for rebound

What are the dimensions of the basketball board?


What is the shape of basketball board?


How high is a basketball board?

18 inches

Is the ring placed in the middle of the basketball board?

No, the ring is not placed in the middle of the backboard of a basketball hoop.

How do you keep track of score in basketball?

with the score board

What type of board games did the slaves of the ancient Egypt have?


What is the board called when you dive into the water?

The board is called a diving board.

How many square feat in a basketball hoop board standard?