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If you are talking about the side judge, he uses that to keep track of downs, much like the Umpire having the true "game clock". *All of the officials on a football game usually wear one of the down-indicators, although some wear two (one for downs, one to keep track of where the football was positioned - on the left, right, or between the hashmarks). Also, it is the line judge who usually holds the "official" time.

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Q: What is the wrist band and finger used for in football?
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Why do referees wear a hand band?

A wrist band is part of a football referee's uniform and is used to keep track of downs. For example, the band looped over the index finger means it's first down, over the middle, second down, and so on.

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What are the black bands that American football referee's wear on their hands?

The bands are worn around the wrist by the referee and are used to keep track of what down it is by placing the loop that is attached to the wristband around the first, second, third or fourth finger. they look cool.

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What is the purpose of the wrist band or bands worn by the referee and what is the part that goes around the fingers for?

This is likely the down indicator used to keep a visual track of which down it is (the down marker can be wrong). By shifting the band from finger to finger after each down, the officials can immediately tell what down it is from the position of the bands.Some umpires have another purpose for the band. They use it to keep track of where on the field (horizontally) the play started. So for a return to the previous spot (say for a penalty), there is a record of whether the play started at the left hashmark, the right hashmark or some general area of the middle of the field.

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