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I went to Granby High School in Norfolk, VA. This is where the move originated. As far as I know, it still goes by the name of "The Granby Roll." I was just asking my grandson, who is now into Wrestling, if the coach had yet taught him the move. The answer apparently was no. When I wrestled, it was one of my favorite moves & helped me to defeat many opponents. I am now in my mid 50's and am not quite as agile as I was when younger but I am trying to teach the move to my grandson, so that maybe he can show it to his coach and the other wrestlers. Who knows, maybe it will make a comeback? I just completed a high school wrestling career (about to move on to college) during and previous to which I wrestled in NC, KS, AK, SC, OH, etc. The move is still called a "granby roll." Yes, it is still called the granby roll. My coach thought this escape a couple weeks ago to me. The Granby Roll and will always be called the Granby Roll. This move hit quick and hard can be done from the standing, sitting, standup positions and I used it very effectively in high school. Being an escape artist and takedown artist the Granby Roll was unstoppable. You can sit through on the roll hooking your opponents leg and scissor through to a head and arm and in position for a near fall or pin....You don't want to use it in freestyle...I found out the hard way...:) have a great day... Yes, I also know it as a Granby Roll and I am surprised that your grandson has not learned it considering I learned it in the 7th grade.

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Q: What is the wrestling escape move the Granby Roll called today?
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