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Look Fat


Big Nose

Bad Hair Day


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Q: What is the worst thing about having your face shown on a screen the size of a football field?
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What can you do to get shown on jumbo screen at a football game?


What can you do to get shown on a jumbo screen at a football game?


What can you do to get shown on a jumbo screen at football game?


What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football game?

dance , propose , streak , costume/paint , wave

Is a football field bigger than 5 acres?

No its not A football field is about an acre if you don't count the end zones and about 9 yards (shown in the picture in the link provided... the red area is what an acre would cover)

How is a selected text shown on the screen?

It is highlighted on the screen

What is a sonogram shown on?

A television screen

In film terms what is a dead screen?

A dead screen is a frame in which there is no visual information being shown on the screen.

What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football match?

propose dance streak costume/paint wave

What are the difference between elactric field and electric displacement field?

The electric displacement field is a vector field, shown as D in equations and is equivalent to flux density. The electric field is shown as E in physics equations.

what- A picture is shown on the rectangular screen of a digital camera. The picture measures 5 centimeters high and 8 centimeters long. The picture shown on a larger screen will be similar?

7.5 cm

What is the techno-trance-ambient song played during Monday Night Football each time the player and team stats are shown on the's an electronica song with no lyrics?

It might be "Sandstorm" by Darude. It's popular at NCAA football games, at least.

What card is shown for a booking in football?

A yellow card is shown for a booking and a red for a sending off.

What was the First team sport to be shown on tv?


What is the name of the boat shown the title screen of deadliest catch?

In 2009, The Wizard was on the screen, in 2010, it is The Time Bandit.

What does diegetic sound mean?

Diegetic sound can be on screen or off screen. It is a sound whose source is shown on the screen or whose source is implied to be there by the action of the film.

What should I make my screen name for Gmail?

The screen name of Gmail is the same as your original name. It reflects your name as you entered. The registration name is shown on the screen.

What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen of a football game?

something wild and crazy (i.e. paint your body, wear a crazy outfit, wave a crazy sign, do something really funny, ask your girl/boyfriend to marry you).

What is the percentage of football being shown on sky sports?


Have the BBC ever shown a live Premier League football match?


Does this Tv accomidate wide screen mode movies?

Yes. This has the ability to show HD format, so it will be able to have different formats according to the input used. Wide screen movies will be shown with the entire width used, but a small black bar at the top and bottom of the screen, and full-screen movies will be shown with the vertical maximum and a black bar at the left and right.

Does field exist between lines?

Yes, usually. The lines are simply shown to illustrate direction and strength of the field.

Which sports are shown on the Setanta network besides soccer?

Setanta offers a variet of sports to its subscibers. Gaelic football, Australian rules football, hurling, cricket, golf, boxing and ice hockey are all regularly shown.

How are the women football matches covered compared to men?

They get covered less then the men football games. But their world cups are shown on T.V.

What movie was being shown when The Beast came crashing through the screen?

Curse of the Werewolf

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