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August 22, 2007 the Texas Rangers 30 Baltimore Orioles 3

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Q: What is the worst score in Major League Baseball history?
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What is the average losing score in major league baseball?


Most runs score in one day in major league baseball?


What score is recorded for an unplayed forfieted game in major league baseball?


What is the largest combined score in major league baseball history?

The largest combined score in a major league baseball game occurred on August 25, 1922, when the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies with a final score of 26-23. This record-breaking game had a total of 49 runs scored.

How do you win baseball?

To play major league baseball, it is a good idea to being playing baseball early. Play during college and work hard to get scouted by a major league team.

Highest MLB score?

The highest scoring game in Major League Baseball history was played between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies in 1922. The two teams combined for 49 runs with the Cubs beating the Phillies by a score of 26-23.

When crossing home plate to score can you be touched?

In Major League Baseball, definitely. Collisions between catchers and runners attempting to score are an intrinsic part of the game.Softball is a different matter. Some league allow it, others do not.----------Only professional baseball allows other than incidental contact.

What sport has score called major?


What are 1988 score Major League Baseball cards worth?

The 1988 Score baseball card set produced by Major League Marketing consisted of 660 baseball cards. A complete set has a book value of about $8.00. A sealed factory set has a book value of about $10.00. Key Cards in the set that have the highest value include. Card 5 - Mark McGwire, Card 164 - Ken Caminiti RC, Card 265 - Barry Bomds, and Card 638 - Tom Glavine RC

What percentage of baseball players score?

in the major leagues, almost 100%

When did the fort Wayne kekiongas face the Cleveland forest citys?

That was May 4, 1871 in what is acknowledged as the first major league baseball game ever played. The two teams were members of the National Association, the first major league of professional baseball players. Click on the 'First MLB Game' link below to see the play-by-play and box score for the game.

In major league baseball if batter gets hit on the hand is it a walk?

No, it is called a 'hit by pitch' and shows up in the box score as HBP.It is similar to a walk in that the batter is awarded first base.