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The worst possible sport is soccer

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Q: What is the worst popular sport in Argentina?
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What is the most popular sport in Argentina?

Soccer, or as they call it in Argentina and most of the world, football, is the most popular sport in Argentina.

What is the official sport of Argentina?

Argentina's national sport is Pato. Their most popular sport is soccer (football).

What is the popular sport in argentina?


What sport is played by the most people in Argentina?

Football (Soccer) is the most popular participant and spectator sport in Argentina.

Is Argentina known of soccer?

Yes, Argentina is known for their love for soccer(football). It is the most popular sport in the nation.

Most traditional sport in Argentina?

The Traditional Sport In Argentina Is Soccer!!

What is Argentina's favorite sport?

Argentina`s favorite sport is Soccer.

Is soccer the worst sport in the world?

No, it is very popular around the world, however here in America, it is not.

Popular sports played in Argentina?

Football is by far the most popular sport in Argentina.Other sports include:AthleticsAuto racingBasketballBoxingCyclingField hockeyFishingGolfHandballMountaineeringPaddle tennisPoloRoller hockeyRowingRugby unionSailingSkiingSwimmingTennisVolleyball

Can a new zealander play sport in Argentina?

i think that new zealanders cant play a sport in argentina

What is the worst sport in the world?

This is an opinion there is no worst sport because people could fell differently. The worst sport in the world, I would think that would be any sport that you personally didn't like.

What sport's are in Argentina?

A lot of countries have basketball, including Argentina.

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