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The most common injury in volley ball is sprained or broken ankles. The best protection for this is ankle guards. Other injuries include floor burn from diving or diving without knee pads, broken/sprained fingers, torn rotary cuff, Shoulder injuries (muscles strains), Sprained/broken wrists, and bruises on the forearms during the first few weeks of training but this will subside after your body gets acclimated to the ball.

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If I had to guess for years of experience: 1. Should Injuries - most players shoulders are too loose from the full range swining motion which over uses the 2 rear of your 4 shoulder muscles. Most commonly tendonitis. 2. Knee, ACL injuries from frequent jumping and landing either too hard and landing with the knee in an improper posItion to the rest of the body (locked straight for example). 3. Ankle Injuries - Again load bearing jumps and landing incorrectly or on a ball, player. 4. Finger Injuries - Jamming or break fingers due to the constant contact with high speed balls, either blocking, setting or hitting. 5. Wrists and Elbows - I have seen a lot of girls dive for a ball and try to catch themselves afterwards instead of a proper extension which has to be taught. This can cause numerous problems from broken wrists to hyperextensions of the elbows.

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You can get a lot of injuries from playing volleyball. I've been playing volleyball a lot over the years. I dislocated my knee, jammed my finger pretty badly, gotten a black eye from a volleyball hitting my face, twisted my ankle and pulled my thigh muscle while playing volleyball.

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Q: What is the worst injury in playing volleyball?
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