What is the worlds best soccer club in history?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Penarol club from Uruguay

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Q: What is the worlds best soccer club in history?
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Worlds richest soccer club?

man city

Who are the worlds best soccer coaches?

I think is Arsen Wenger of Arsenal foot ball club or Alex Ferguson!

Is shockers soccer club the best teams ever?

Yes shockers soccer club is the best teams ever!

What is the first soccer club in history of soccer?

Sheffield FC founded in 1857

What is the worlds best club name for girls?

preppy club

Which soccer team can be termed the best in history?

Real Madrid can be termed the best soccer in history. The Spanish club was won 32 La Liga titles and 10 UEFA Champion League titles. Between 2012 and 2013,it was ranked the richest football club with an annual turnover of 518.9 million euros.

Which club has the best soccer players in the world?

The club with the best players are Barcelona, with Messi and Xavi.

What is the best way to practice for soccer?

Enter a club

What is the best soccer club in Australia?

Perth Italia

What are the best kids virtual worlds?

club penguin is the best! also there is panfu

Who is the best soccer footballer in soccer history?

The Brazilian Pele , who is widely regarded as the best .

What is the best California u12 soccer club?

David Beckham