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Apparently the longest competitive tennis match lasting 25 hr 25 min was played between Christian Albrecht Barschel and Hauke Daene (both Germany) on 12-13 September 2003 at Mölln Tennis Club, Mölln, Germany, as of 2003. There are a few claims to the world record for non-stop tennis play (refer to the links, below): - In 1989, a sleep deprivation test claims that a world record continuous marathon tennis play lasted 147 hours and 20 minutes. - In 2005, an Irish men's double's team took on all other teams for 36 hours. - In 2008, the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest tennis rally at 25,944 strokes of the ball by two players for 15 hours.

(n.b., none of the articles listed, above, indicates whether play stopped for food, drink, clothing changes, bathroom breaks, etc.)

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412 bounces in one hand without dropping it

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500,000 your well come how old do you have to be to have an e mail answer it please

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Q: What is the world record for playing tennis non-stop?
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