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The FIFA World Cup because it lasts longer than the Olympics etc. and it draws a bigger crowd

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The Olympic Games, which takes place every four years.

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Q: What is the world's biggest sporting event?
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What is the worlds second biggest sporting event?

The London 2012 Paralympics

Is the Olympics the biggest event?

It is the biggest sporting event.

Is Australia one of the worlds biggest sporting countries?


What is the biggest spectator sporting event in Australia?


What was the biggest sporting event in Europe in June 2012?

the olympics

What was the biggest radio sporting event in 1930?

The Kentucky Derby

Biggest single sporting event?

soccer the fifa world cup

What is the biggest annual sporting event in the world?

the european champions league

What is the biggest sporting event for a teenager?

Olympics, College, High School Athletics!

What is the biggest sporting event held in France every summer?

French open

Why olympic is the biggest sporting event?

The Olympics involve every country, so people from every country tune in to watch whatever sporting event they are interested in. E.g. 100m Sprint, Archery.

What is Ireland's main sporting event?

The biggest individual sporting event in Ireland is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Final. It is the biggest event for Gaelic Football, one of Ireland's two main national sports. The other is Hurling. It also has an Ireland Final, which is also a major sporting event. The All-Ireland Hurling Final usually takes place on the first Sunday in September and the All-Ireland Football Final usually takes place on the third Sunday in September.