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Breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke,butterfly

When all in the same race it's a medley

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Q: What is the word used for all four Olympic swimming strokes?
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What four strokes are used in swimming?

Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke.

What is math used for in swimming?

It can be used to measure the efficiency of your strokes.

How popular is the butterfly stroke?

Butterfly is one of the four major strokes used in competitive swimming. The others are freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Butterfly is swum as often as backstroke and breaststroke in a normal swimming meet. Butterfly is generally considered the most grueling and difficult of the strokes, so its popularity outside of competitive swimming is limited.

Size of olympic swimming pool?

Size of an Olympic swimming pool is very huge. It is used to held different swimming sports. Roughly it is the size of 88,000 cubic meter.

What are the statistics used in Olympic swimming events?

speed (timing

What are the touch-pads that are used to time olympic swimming?

Most international competitive swimming events, particularly those hosted by FINA, the international swimming organization that oversees Olympic swimming, use Omega touch pads.

Why is nylon used in olympic swimming suits?

Coz it makes you go fast.

Which swimming strokes are used most and for what types of swimming?

freestyle is used themost, partly because its the easiest and partly because it's the fastest. Butterfly is just as fast as freestyle but it tires you out alot faster.

Were did swimming come from?

The doggie paddle was used by cavemen. They copied it from mammals, which is why its called doggie paddle. Other strokes were developed from there.

What are all of the strokes in swimming?

There are four strokes in competitive swimming. The most commonly used is freestyle or "front crawl". You swim it on your stomach with a flutter kick, alternating arms, and breathing to the side. Backstroke is swum on your back with a flutterkick and alternating arms. Breatstroke is swum on you stomach with a "frog kick" and arms pulling together is a circular motion. Butterfly is swum on your stomach with a dolphin kick and arms pulling together. There are other strokes that are not swum competitively such as sidestroke or elementary backstroke.

How many lanes are used in an olympic swimming pool?

An olympic size swimming pool has 10 lanes however only the middle 8 lanes are used for competition, with the outside two lanes being used to prevent the swimmers' waves bouncing off the walls

How long is a olympic size pool?

Jump to: navigation, searchAn Olympic-size swimming pool is the type of swimming pool used in the Olympic Games and other "long course" events (meaning 50 meters in length and not 25 meters or 25 yards). The size is commonly used as a casual measure of volume