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Sensei may still be used if the martial art is Japanese in origin.

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Q: What is the word for Sifu and or Sensei in French that means a martial arts teacher from or in France?
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What is the difference between a Sensei and a Ryu in martial arts?

Sensei just means "Teacher" or "instructor" Ryu is "Style of" So, you could be a Sensei of Isshin-Ryu, meaning you are a teacher in the style of Isshin.

How do you say martial arts instructor in Japanese?

"Sensei" means 'one who has gone before' and is usually associated with a teacher or mentor. You can call a martial arts instructor 'sensei' in Japanese.

What does sensei measns?

sensei means teacher

Where does a sensei teach?

a sensei is known as a teacher who teachs you

The correct way to spell sinsay?

I believe you are asking for the word that means teacher in Japanese? It would be easier if you had provided a definition. But I believe you are looking for the word 'sensei', which is Japanese for teacher.

Who is Take Sensei?

Steven Seagal(Martial Artist/Actor/Musician) is known under the name Take Sensei.

What does 'chiyu no sensei'?

Japanese sensei means a teacher, expert, doctor or master.Chiyu means healing, cure, recovery.Chiyu no sensei could mean "the recovery of the teacher", "the teacher who is a cure" or "the teacher's cure". Only the context will determine the correct translation.

What is the Japanese martial art similar to judo?

Judo is the Japanese martial art that was derived from JuJitsu by Kano Sensei.

What does onimusho mean?

Oni means "ogre" a horned demon or monster and Musho means "master/sensei/teacher" musho is a god of many people and is a master of all martial arts in the book

How do you spell teacher in Japaneses?

Teacher is simply 先生 (sensei) in Japanese.

What is the Japanese term for teacher?

先生 sensei

What does an apprentice call his teacher?

Sensei. (Pronounced Sense-A)