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The world record for a women's high jump was set in 1987 and is held by Stefka Kastadinova, at 2.09 meters, or just over 6 feet and 10 inches. The last time an African woman held that record was in 1941. Esther van Heerden of South Africa completed a 1.66 meter high jump.

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Q: What is the womens African high jump record?
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What is the womens world record for the high jump?

Stefka Kostadinova of Bulgaria set the women's world record for the high jump in 1987 at a height of 2.09 meters (6 feet, 10 1/4 inches). It is the longest standing world record in the history of the high jump.

What is the womens long jump world record?


Who holds the currents womens world record for high jump?

the current world record for the indoor is held by Kajsa Bergqvist from Sweden with a jump of 2.08m. the current world record for the outdoor is held by Stefka Kostadinova from Bulgaria with a jump of 2.09m

What is the current womens long jump record?

7.52 meters.

Womens long jump world record?

The current world record in women's long jump is held by Christel Schultz of Germany. Her record jump is 6.12 meters.

Who holds the womens world record for long jump?

Galina Chistyakova with a jump of 7.52 meters.

What is the current womens long jump world record?

Galina Chistyokova

World record for the rabbit high jump?

world record for rabbit high jump

What is the world record for high jump 2011?

As of 2011, Javier Sotomayor holds the mens world record at 2.45 meters. Stefka Kostadinova holds the womens world record at 2.09 meters.

Who holds the womens British high jump record?

The British women's high jump record is 1.95 meters (6 feet, 4 3/4 inches) set by Diana Davies in 1982, Susan Moncrieff in 2001, and Jessica Ennis in 2007.

Who holds the womens long jump record?

Galina Chistyakova, with a jump of 7.52 meters (24 ft 8.25 inches).

What is the youth high jump record?

2.31m set by Jesse Williams is the highest youth high jump record I find.

What is the human world record in long high jump?

There is no competition called the long high jump.

Who won the gold medal in womens high jump?

Alice Kathleen Mckiley

Who was third womens high jump 1936 Olympics?

Elfriede Kaun of Germany.

What are the records for high jump?

the record is 2.45

World record for high jump 15 year old boy?

The World Record high jump for a 15 rear old boy is a 2.10m jump. This record was performed by Janick Klausen of Scandinavia.

Womens world record long jump?

The Women's Long Jump World Record is currently held by Galina Chistyakova (USSR/Russia) who leaped 7.53m (24.7ft) on June 11,1988!

Who broke the world record in high jump for 2008?

No one came close to Breaking J. Sotomayor high jump world record in 2008.

Who broke the world record for the mens high jump in 1993?

Javier Sotomayor of Cuba with a jump of 2.45 meters. he did it in Salamenca Spain. Tt is the current high jump world record.

What is the us women high jump record?


What is the world record for ladies in high jump?


Who holds the Indian record for high jump?


Best vertical jump?

well world record high jump is 8 feet

Who is the womens world record holder of long jump in India?

Mercy Kuttan was the first Indian Woman to cross 6 meters in Long Jump in India