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Q: What is the women's world record in the 880 yard run?
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What is the world record in the 880 yard run?

My thought would be tha the record would be 1:44.9 run by Jim Ryun in Terre Haute Indiana. Since the world went to meter distances with the exception that he mile is still run in many international meets, the record would probably stand even though several runners competing at the shorter 800 meter distance would have completed 880 yards in a faster time that Ryun. R. Smith- Cary NC. mets

How far is 880 yards in feet?

880 yards (3 feet/1 yard)= 2640 feet========

How many yard in half mile?

880 yards

How many yard is half a mile?

880 yards.

How many feet are in 880 yards?

2640There are 3 feet per yard.(880 yards) * (3 feet / 1 yard) = 2640 feetThe "yards" unit cancels out.

Is the 880 yard dash a half mile?

Yes. There are 880 yards to half a mile. There are 1760 yards to a mile.

How many inches are in 880yards?

26400 =30 inches in a yard x 880

What world records did peter snell set?

Peter Snell set a world record in the 800 meters of 1:44.3 at a meet in Christchurch in 1962 and ran a 2:16.6 in the 1000 meter run in 1964. These times remain New Zealand national records. He also set world records in the mile run and 880 yard run.

What is a good time for 880 yard dash 15 year old?

2min 19 sec

Were do the biggest black bears live?

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How big can black bears grow?

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