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Q: What is the winning score of a volleyball game?
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What is the winning score in volleyball?


What is the winning score in playing volleyball?


How many points must a team win by in volleyball?

In a normal volleyball game you have to score to 25 and be winning be at least 2 points.

Who is score is mentioned first in volleyball?

The team that is winning.

How do you score a volleyball game?

i think

Game Point in Volleyball?

it is simply the ending score

Whose score is always mentioned first in a game of volleyball?

The serving teams score

How many score keepers are there in a game of volleyball?

12 scource.

In a volleyball game can the receiving team score points?


What is the average winning score for an NFL game?


What happens when its a tie game in volleyball?

you play another game to 15 and the winning team wins

What is the average score for NCAA game?

Average winning score 76 Average losin score 68

What is the lowest winning score of a college basketball game?


In their 1000th game in franchise history who did Chicago play and what was the score?

Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0 Atlanta Falcons with a winning score of 6 - 0

How many points must your team score in volleyball to win a game?


If 5 games are played how many point is it played up to in volleyball?

The winner in the 5th game is the first team to score 15 points winning by 2. The score can go as high as needed in order for a team to score two more points than the other team.

When saying the score of a game do you say the higher or lower score first What is the correct way?

The winning score is said first .

How do you say the scores in volleyball?

you say it before you serve. If you serve it without saying the score its a fault. You always say your team score first even if the other team is winning.

Whose score is always mentioned first in game of volleyball?

The score in volleyball is always said with the team ahead, then the team behind and the name of the team ahead. Example: 23-10, Panthers

How is a volley ball match won?

normally, a volleyball match is won by one team getting to 25 (winning by 2) the first game, and the second game. if so far the score is 1 game to 1 game. than there is a third game to 15. whoever wins that game wins the match

How many points do you need to score to win a high school volleyball game?

25 :D

What is the score of a forfeited game?

the score is one run per inning for the winning team and 0 runs for the losing team.

Why does the score in volleyball start at 4?

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and the score has never started at 4

How does a team score points during volleyball game?

each serve has one point as in table tennis........

If the score ends up as being tied in volleyball game how many points do you need to win?