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Between 2000-2007, Florida won 6 times and Georgia won 2 times.

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Q: What is the win-loss record of the Fl Gators vs GA Bulldogs since 2000?
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The script Gators has appeared on Gators helmets since what year?


Who are the Florida gators quarterbacks since Steve spurrier?

Who are the florida gators quarterbacks since steve spurrier?

How many wins do the Florida Gators have in football?

As of the start of the 2009 season, the Gators all time win loss record is 641-373-40.very very bad I might add, had to UNBOLD it, since not worth bolding.

What is the overall record in football rivalry between the Florida gators and the Georgia billdogs?

46-38-2 favoring Georgia. However Florida is 16-3 since 1990.

What SEC team has the most wins since 1930?

Florida Gators

What is the win-loss record of the Florida Gators vsFlorida State Seminoles in football?

Since 1976, when Bobby Bowden became head coach: UF - 17 FSU - 14 TIE - 1

Have the Bulldogs won a grand final?

yes the bulldogs have won the grand final 8 times since they entered the competition.

When was the last time Florida football came to Athens?

That was October 28, 1995 when the Gators defeated the Bulldogs, 52-17. Every game in the series since 1933 has been played in Jacksonville except for the 1994 game which was played in Gainesville and the 1995 game which was played in Athens.

How good is the Florida gators football team?

They suck since Mustache Muschamp came on board.

How much do bulldogs cost?

"Alot" since they are soo big and strong.

how much bulldogs cost?

"Alot" since they are soo big and strong.

Is it true that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against the Florida Gators?

No they can't play each other since they are not in the same organization. The Buccaneers are an NFL team whereas the Gators are a college team.

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