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Q: The script Gators has appeared on Gators helmets since what year?
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Who are the Florida gators quarterbacks since Steve spurrier?

Who are the florida gators quarterbacks since steve spurrier?

What SEC team has the most wins since 1930?

Florida Gators

How many helmets have the Denver Broncos worn since 1960?


How good is the Florida gators football team?

They suck since Mustache Muschamp came on board.

Is it true that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against the Florida Gators?

No they can't play each other since they are not in the same organization. The Buccaneers are an NFL team whereas the Gators are a college team.

What are diving helmets made of?

They used to be made of brass, since brass doesn't rust.

Are there any animal alive today that are like dinosaurs?

birds are descendants of dinos, and gators have not changed since the dinos.

What are the green stickers on the QB helmets for?

Don't know for certain, but I was told that the helmets with the green stickers were those with radio communications. And since the NFL would only allow one of those helmets at a time on the field, they designated them with a green sticker.

What year did the script form?

If you're talking about the band The Script, then they began as a band called Mytown from 1996-2001, and they've been known as The Script ever since 2001.

How many wins do the Florida Gators have in football?

As of the start of the 2009 season, the Gators all time win loss record is 641-373-40.very very bad I might add, had to UNBOLD it, since not worth bolding.

How do you use misconception in a sentence?

It is a common misconception that the Vikings wore horns on their helmets, since there is actually no evidence for this.

Will the Florida Gators continue to wear the White Helmets?

Im not sure... I know the first time they wore them it was a Nike special design uniform (played against FSU). Then in the SEC Championship they wore them again but with the regular uniform. Since the helmet is a modern take (stylish "F") on a Florida helmet from the past, it may stick around. I guess we will find out in the Bowl game.

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