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According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2008 season Clemson leads the series 34-18-1.

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Q: What is the win-loss record between UNC and Clemson University in football?
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Where can you find college football all time winloss records online?

Click on the 'Division 1A Schools All Time WIn/Loss Records' link below to see the all time records of D1A schools.

What was the KC Royals' winloss record in 2008?

75-87 4th in the division

What is the brewers record for winloss?

The all time won loss record for the franchise is... 3028 wins - 3352 losses

What is the winloss record for New Orleans Saints in the final 2006 standings for the national football league?

The Saints 2006 regular season record was 10-6. They made the playoffs, defeated the Eagles in the first round and then lost to the Bears in the NFC conference championship game for an overall record of 11-7.

What is winloss record between Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox?

as of the 2010 season, the White Sox lead the all time record (since interleague play began) with 37 wins to the Cubs 35 wins. The White Sox won the Interleague Series against the Cubs in 2010 by 4 games-to-2 so after the 2010 season, the White Sox lead in the series 41 Wins to 37 wins

Where can one get information about the Clemson Georgia Tech?

You could find information about the Clemson Georgia Tech through WikipediA. They state that it is an American college football rivalry between the Clemson Tiger football team of Clemson University and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team of Georgia Tech.

When was the Clemson Tigers football team formed?

The Clemson Tigers football team was formed around 1986. This team was formed at Clemson University in South Carolina. This is a college football team.

What year did University of South Carolina and Clemson play football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season, Clemson and the University of South Carolina have met in football 104 times and every year since 1909. Clemson leads the series 37-63-4.

What university is represented by the Clemson Tigers?

The Clemson Tigers are a collection of athletic teams that compete in such sports as athletics, football, baseball, golf and basketball. They represent Clemson University and introduced their Tiger Paw logo in July 1970.

How many football players have been arrested at Clemson University?


Who won the 1981 college football national chapionship?

Clemson University

When did clemson university win the national championship in football?

clemson won the nat'l championship in 1981.

Where is clemson university located?

Clemson University is located in Clemson, South Carolina.

Who was the First football team to call their stadium Death Valley?

Clemson University!

What is the longest winning streak between South Carolina and Clemson in football?

That is a seven game win streak by Clemson between 1934-1940

Who is the fastest athlete in college football in the 2007 season?

Jacoby Ford, WR for Clemson University

When was Clemson University created?

Clemson University was created in 1889.

When was Clemson Tigers football created?

Clemson Tigers football was created in 1896.

Where did brian dawkins go to college?

Brian Dawkins attended college and played football at Clemson University.

Who won first South Carolina versus Clemson football game?

The first football game between South Carolina and Clemson was played in 1896. South Carolina won 12-6.

Who is clemson's head coach for football?

Clemson's head football coach is Dabo Swinney.

Why was clemson university founded?

Clemson University was founded because there was no good university in South Carolina.

What university makes Clemson apparel?

Clemson University makes Clemson apparel. Clemson University is a vibrant, student-centered community in South Carolina that prides itself on leadership collaboration and public service.

When did Clemson University defeat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl to become the national football champion?

That was January 1, 1982.