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it is called Jack

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The jack

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Q: What is the white ball in the game of bowls called?
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What is the game bowls?

A game of balls is something where you have a mini ball and try get the bigger balls close to it

What is a target ball in game of bowls?

The Jack. This is thrown at the beginning of the game, the person who gets closest to the jack wins a corresponding number of points to how many bowls they have the closest.

What game was available in colonial Massachusetts?

They usually played nine pins and bowls. Nine pins was similar to bowling, and bowls was similar to bocce ball.

Is there a game called line ball?

There is a computer game called Ball Line

Why do they spray the bowl in the game of lawn bowls?

The only time, that i can think of, when you spray a bowl in a game of lawn bowls, is when the wood (black bowl) has touched the Jack (white ball) They spray the black bowl, with a white spray chalk, so that you can see that it hit the Jack. If a bowl has been sprayed with the spray chalk, it means that it is a LIVE BOWL and, even if it is hit out of the rink, it still counts.

What is the names of a solid white ball in billiards game?

Cue Ball

What is the name of the target ball used in bocce ball?

Jack BallIn England we call the game Bowlsits also called 'PALLINO'

When was Game of Bowls created?

Game of Bowls was created in 1908.

What are some foreign games?

a fun foreign game is a game called asbanbah. it is a Jewish game. There is also a French game called Boules, simaliar to the English game Bowls.

Is there a game called Dragon Ball Z white monkeys?

Yes there is a game called dragon ball z white monkeys if you want more info look it up they have it in ps2 but that's all I know so far oh and I don't think it's in the us I think it was in the Philippines I don't know

Where to get a second master ball in Pokemon white?

don't have the game

Why is it that in the game of pool the white ball is separated from the color balls?

So you can tell which is the cue ball