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Q: What is the weight of an olympic racing shell?
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What are narrow racing boats called?

A long narrow racing boat is called a racing shell.

In Mario v Sonic Olympic Games do they have car racing?

no but they have track racing

Which is not an Olympic discipline?

For Howrse, the answer is barrel racing

Is drag racing an Olympic sport?

No, at least not yet.

What is speed skate racing?

Speed Skating is an olympic sport.

What Olympic contest was held at the Olympia hippodrome?

Chariot racing.

What sports did they have in ancient olympic games?

discus javelin horse racing chariot racing wrestling and some more

4 events held in the olympic games?

Javelin, discus, wrestling, chariot racing, foot racing, pentathlon

When was the first Carbon Fiber Racing Shell Made?


Do Olympic kayaks use rudders?

in white water no in racing yes

How is horse racing in the modern Olympics the same as horse racing in the ancient Olympics?

There is no horse racing in modern Olympics. The current Olympic equestrian disciplines are Dressage, Eventing, and Jumping.

Has pigeon racing ever been an Olympic sport?

Yes 1900 olympics