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Q: What is the weight of a track for bravo long track?
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What is the weight of a Yamaha bravo 250 snowmobile?

DIMENSIONSLENGTH115.9"HEIGHT44.1"WIDTH37.4"WEIGHT406 lbs.2010 YamahaBravo LTIn the early 80's the short track was available and had a weight of 386 lbs then the sled was only available in the long track at 406 lbs

What is Ciara Bravo's weight?

she is 34kg wieght

Yamaha bravo 250 is there a reverse?

If your talking about the snowmachine there is no reverse. I own a 1990 Yamaha bravo 250 short track, it has no reverse. Even the newer models don't have reverse. The point of a bravo is to keep it light, and simple.

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What size track does a 1980 yamaha enticer have will it fit a 84 bravo?

Yes it does, the size is 256*38 i think

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