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depends on the skate and the size but the average is about 1lb .1 oz

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Q: What is the weight of a figure skate blade and a hockey skate blade?
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What sport uses a skate?

ice hockey figure skating

Are figure skates faster than hockey skates?

Figure skates are in general a faster skate than hockey skates. Figure skates have more blade on the ice compared to hockey skates, the blade is thicker, so when you push, more force is applied to the ice compared to a thinner hockey blade. However, a thinner hockey blade glides better when power is not applied compared to a thicker figure blade, so that's the tradeoff. Also, most figure blades have more blade in the back of the skate, and from the back of the skate is where all your power is from, it works out much better for transferring weight to get more skating power. The other factor is, skate technique, figure skaters in general are faster/better skaters, but obviously they don't play hockey, so the point is pretty much moot except in the rare cases they race each other for fun (which is not often, as usually there's a tad bit of animosity between figure skaters and hockey players on both sides.) However, there's lots of reasons figure skates aren't used for hockey. First is the toepick, you'll fly forward from leaning too far forward on it, it's meant to stop you instantly for doing jumps/etc, but if you're at all careless with the front of your skate, you can send yourself flying forward. Also, hockey boots are tougher constructed, they have to take stick/puck/people hitting into them, too. The other factor, just in blades alone, hockey blade design compared to figures, while not as powerful, is much more forgiving. The balance on most hockey skates is neutral, set in the middle, whereas figures, the balance point is on the back of the skate, so in a hockey game, it's not ideal, as you're having to make quick moves a lot of times without "thinking" so they work great for that. Also, the neutral balance works out if you're getting hit into by people/pucks/sticks, as it's neutral, so if you go too far back or forward, it's easy to correct yourself. Sorry for my long James May sounding answer, but I wanted to correct the misconception people have.

Why or how does a figure skate spin?

A figure skate can spin because there are two "edges" on your blade. an inside edge and an outside edge. that is what helps you spin : )

What is the difference between hockey skates and figure skates?

Figure skate blades are thicker, and the balance point is at the back, with more blade extending past the heel compared to hockey skates. They also have toe picks, to help with jumps and other maneuvers for figure skating. Figure skates are also "rockered" differently, meaning the blade curves differently, so turning is different in figure skates compared to hockey skates, as the balance is different. Figure skate blades are thicker, too, so they can be faster, as you have more blade contact to push off of. Hockey skates have no toe picks, as with toe picks, if you accidentally drag your foot or put it too far forward on the ice, you can fall. Also, hockey skates are balanced more neutrally, in the middle of the skate, which helps with recovering balance during the fast maneuvering and contact in the game. Hockey skates have thinner blades, so compared to figure skates, you're going to apply less power to the ice, but they glide a little bit easier than figure skates. Also, compared to figure skates, hockey skates have much tougher construction, as they have to be able to take pucks/sticks, etc.

How do you make a hockey blade?

you take a piece of metal you attach it to a shoe type and then you sharpen it on a rotating blade till it is good to skate on ice.

Are hockey skate weights good for kids?

Hockey Skate making companies do ALOT of research, so chances are that the skates are the perfect weight for kids, or close to it.

Sharpest ice skate blade?

The sharpness of the blade has nothing to do with the skate itself, but rather the person that sharpens it. Skates are usually sharpened once a month at Ice Hockey rinks with sharpeners, so it doesn't matter which skate you buy unless you buy a skate with the new T-Blade System. The T-Blade System sells blades separate from the boot, so you can choose both the sharpness and length of the blade.

What is the Different between a ice hockey and figure skate?

On a figure skate, there is a small pick at the end called a toe-pick which figure skaters use to dig into the ice in order to throw themselves into the air. As well as this, they also have a rounded part of the blade next to the toe-pick called the rocker this helps them turn backwards, and spin easier. However, the hockey skate does not have a toe-pick and only has a small rocker because in a hockey game, toe-picks would be extremely dangerous if someone got kicked in the face with the toe-pick, and they don't spin, so they don't need the bigger rocker.

Why do you have ices?

I have ice skates.. because I am a figure skater.. Unless you play Ice Hockey, figure skate or speed skate there is not really another reason you would own some!

What sport uses a blade?

Boating In the sports of skating and ice hockey, skate blades are part of the athletes equipment.

What kind of metal is the blade on a figure skate?

The skate blades are typically made of tempered carbon steel, coated with a high-quality chrome.

What kind of inline hockey skate in best for heavy people?

tour is the best skate for people of all weight and hight.