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8 pounds

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Q: What is the weight of a Riddell Revolution NFL helmet?
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What is wording on all NFL helmets?

Riddell-The official football helmet of the NFL

Which helmet do NFL players use?

Most NFL players use Riddell. Most NFL players do not use Riddell helmets...60% of the NFL wear a model of Schutt helmet, however you will never see the name Schutt on the field as Riddell has rights to onfield name placement.

Where can someone buy a Riddell helmet?

A Riddell helmet is the official helmet of the NFL. They can be purchased from any reputable sports store and offer superior protection to the head for football players of all ages.

What helmets do NFL players use?

the official helmet company of the NFL is Riddell, so most players in the NFL wear those, because in order to wear any other helmet the players have to have the name of the company taken off the helmet. ive noticed that most players wear the Revolution Speed by Riddell. its the best helmet that Riddell produces. ive only seen two other players wearing a helmet by another company although im sure there are more, Chad Ochocinco and Justin Tuck both wear the Ion 4D by Schutt which is the best helmet made to this point.

Can schutt facemasks fit on riddell helmets?

Yes almost all NFL players use a schutt face mask on a regular riddell helmet

What is the new helmet of the NFL?

Riddel revolution,edge, or speed

Does the NFL use schutt helmets?

The quick answer is yes. The rest of the answer is that you will never see the name Schutt on an NFL field as Riddell has the rights to that. But 60% of the NFL players are now wearing a model of Schutt helmet.

What brand helmet is most worn in the NFL?

Riddell has the exclusive rights to the NFL but 30% and growing are switching to Schutt helmets. The Ion4 and the Air XP are the best models. Players have to cover all Schutt emblems because of the Riddell contract and will have to do so until at least 2014 when that contract expires.

What companies are equipment sponsors for the NFL?

Riddell and Reebok

Who produces the best football helmet Riddell Schutt or Adams?

There are only two major players in the football helmet business anymore: Schutt and Riddell. The two companies own about 95% of the helmet market. Riddell is the official licensee of the NFL but Schutt has greater marketshare overall. Schutt owns about 60% marketshare at all levels of play, including nearly 30% in the NFL. Riddell has been in the helmet business longer, over 70 years. Schutt entered the business in the mid 80s, after purchasing the AiR helmet and technology from Bike. As to who makes the better helmet, it's really a matter of personal preference, if you're a player. Some players swear by Riddell helmets like the Revolution, Speed and VSR-4. Other players wouldn't give up their Schutt XP helmet, or their ION4D or AiR Advantage. Schutt seems to have the edge, in terms of adapting superior technology more quickly into their helmets. Schutt introduced SKYDEX padding - a thermoplastic urethane cushioning system - five years ago and continues to improve it. The latest generation absorbs up to 55% more force of impact than helmets with traditional foam padding. Schutt is also pushing the envelope with regards to how core body temperature and body temperature inside the helmet greatly affect a player's performance. Riddell's helmets still use the same foam padding that has been the staple in football helmets for 30 years. They introduced the Revolution helmet in 2003, claiming that it reduced the risk of concussions by over 30%. The medical study that supported that claim compared large-standoff helmets, like the Revolution, to traditional helmet shells. Industry experts and doctors have disputed the claims of that study ever since. If you're asking this question in the hope of receiving guidance as to what helmet/s to buy, you're better off trying the premier helmets from both Riddell and Schutt. Whichever one you like best and fits the best, is the best helmet for you.

What company produces the official helmets of NFL players?

Riddell is an Illinois sporting goods equipment company that produces the official helmets of NFL players. The most commonly worn model is Revolution.

How much does an NFL helmet weigh?

An Nfl Helmet Ways 6 pounds

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