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I asked myself the same question as it relates to additional boyancy for my small 10' Jon boat - I want to increase boyancy. Best I can determine is to use the area formulia for a cylinder - pie x radius squared times length - example - large noodle is approx 6 inches in diam. or 3.14 x 3 x 3 x 72 inches or 2035 cubic inches. There is 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot. Salt water weighs 64 pounds and fresh water weighs 62 pounds / cu ft. There is 1.178 cu ft in my example therefor it will displace a little more than 70 pounds of water. In the case of my boat one noodle will increase the capacity about 70 pounds - in your case if you weigh 170 pounds the net effect is like weighing 100 pounds. In case you are wondering - the specific gravity of a human in water is about 1.1 - it doesnt take much to be neutral boyant after you consider the water you will displace. Hope this helps - do the math for your noodle - you will be close.

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Q: What is the weight equivalent of a water noodle in water aerobics?
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