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Q: What is the warm up song played before Pittsburgh Steelers games by Three 6 Mafia?
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What is the rap song played at Alabama football games before kickoffs?

ohohohoho by zombie nation

Do you have to add friends to your profile if you want a larger mafia in Mafia Wars?

add them first as friends in your facebook account before adding them in Mafia Wars.

How do you get claymore in Mafia Wars?

claymore is an item sold in the Godfather special offer a few months before. it is even given as a reward before for mafia members who helped a mafia win a war. it is not available at this time.

What movie and television projects has Danny Maff been in?

Danny Maff has: Played Mafia in "ROH: Unscripted" in 2002. Played Mafia in "ROH: Glory by Honor" in 2002. Played Mafia in "ROH: Honor Invades Boston" in 2002. Played Mafia in "ROH: Night of Appreciation" in 2002. Played Mafia in "ROH: All Star Extravaganza" in 2002. Played Mafia in "ROH: Crowning a Champion" in 2002. Played himself in "ROH: The Conclusion" in 2003. Performed in "ROH: War of the Wire" in 2003. Played himself in "ROH: Final Battle 2003" in 2004. Played Dan Maff in "ROH World Champion: The Best of Samoa Joe" in 2004. Played himself in "PWS: Connecticut Carnage" in 2010. Played himself in "JAPW: 12th Anniversary Show" in 2010. Played himself in "PWS: Vendetta" in 2010.

Are there any websites besides Facebook where you can play Mafia Wars or a game like it?

Mafia Wars can also be played in MySpace.

Where can the Mafia Wars game be played?

Mafia Wars can be played online on Facebook. It can also be downloaded as an app to smart phones and tablets. A game for PC downloads is also available.

Can you do the boss jobs in Mafia Wars before Underboss?


At what level in Mafia Wars can you add 10 mafia for 20 godfather points?

Atleast level 9 but before level 120.

Robbing in Mafia Wars?

you cannot use the robbing mode in mafia wars since it is disabled by Zinga a few months before.

Where do you find the text bar on Mafia Wars?

On Mafia Wars there no text bar that i know of and i have played for a long time. I really don't believe there is one there.

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What band was MrDel in before he became a chirstaian rapper?

Three 6 Mafia