What is the volleyball endline?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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The endline is the out of bounds line that can also be called the serving line. It is parallel with the net where as the side lines run perpendicular to the net.

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Q: What is the volleyball endline?
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What is the back line called on a volleyball court?


How would you measure the length of a vollyball cort?

The volleyball court, from endline to endline is 60 feet (30 feet/side). The court is 30 feet wide.

What is the back court in volleyball?

The back court is the area of your team's court that is closest to the endline (serving line).

Does the server have to be behind the endline in volleyball?

Yes; even if they step on the endline, it's called a foot fault and (depending how competitive-ness you are playing), the other team will serve and get a point for the server's mistake.

What is position 1 in volleyball?

Position 1 is considered "right back" (If you're standing at the net looking at the endline, the left third of the court behind the ten foot line).

What is an end-line in volleyball?

The endline is the boundry line in which each goal sits on.... the sideline are the lines that run across the side in which throw ins are used... the endline ends up witha goal kick or a corner

Size of serving area in volleyball?

The size of the serving area is the area between the back two lines of the volleyball court. You may serve anywhere between the lines and outside the court. If your foot touches or goes over the line you lose the serve.

How long is a football field horizontaly?

100 yards endline to endline 48 yards across (up and down) 120 yards back of endzone to back of endzone

What is size of field hockey circle?

It is 16 yards from the endline in the center of the goal.

What kind of kick is taken when the defense sends the ball over the endline or goal?


Can a defensive basketball player step on endline when defending an offensive player driving baseline?


Where you stand when serving a volleyball?

You stand behind the white line at the back of the court. This is known as the base line.