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Q: What is the vikings all time Sunday night record?
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What is the Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys all-time playoff record?

The Minnesota Vikings have an all-time playoff record of 3-4 versus the Dallas Cowboys.

Does the time go forward on Sunday morning or Sunday night?

It is usually at about 1am, which is Sunday morning.

How many time have the Vikings and Bills played all time and what is the head to head record?

12 times. The Vikings have won eight, the Bills have won four.

What is the Vikings Packers Head to head record all time?


What is the Minnesota Vikings franchise record?

The Vikings franchise record is 362 wins, 290 losses, and 9 ties.

How many times have the vikings beat the bears?

The Vikings' all-time record against the Bears entering 2011 is 52 wins, 45 losses, and two ties.

What time can the space shuttle be seen at on Sunday Night?

10:17pm central time

What time does x factor start on a Sunday night?


When was the last time new years fell on a Sunday?

New Years fell on a Sunday on the night before the year of 2012.

The best day to catch a fish at lake wylie?

Sunday at night time

Do you set your clocks back Saturday night or Sunday night?

the clock is always turned back around 2am on Sunday morning, the same goes for when it is time to turn the clock ahead again come spring time.

What is Super Bowl 2008 kickoff time in Florida?

6:20 Sunday night