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depends on the type of card

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Marley Williamson

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โˆ™ 2022-01-10 16:48:39
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Q: What is the value of the randy moss rookie card?
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What is the value of a 1989 Randy Moss rookie card?

depends on the type of card

What are the values of randy moss rookie year signed footballs?

SP Authentic #18 Randy Moss RC can value approximate $150-$200. This SP Authentic RC is by far Randy Moss's best true Rookie Card.

How much is a randy moss rookie card worth?

The worth of a Randy Moss rookie card will depend on the brand and the condition. The prices range from 84.00 dollars to 224.00 dollars.

What is the value of a Randy Moss limited edition rookie season football?

$30 to $40

Who was the NFL Rookie of the year in 1998?

Randy Moss.

What is the value of a Randy Moss Card?

Probably around 2-5 dollars.

Who holds the NFL rookie receiving record?

randy moss

Was randy moss rookie of the year?

He was the Offensive rockie of the year.

Did Peyton Manning win the rookie of the year award?

No, Randy Moss won rookie of the year in 1998

What Misprinted randy moss rookie card the front is correct but the back has information about another player?

the back says QB 1965-1977

How much is a randy moss jesey card?


How many touchdowns did randy moss have as a rookie?

17 in 1998 for the Vikings. He led the NFL in receiving TDs his rookie season.

What is the most touchdowns receiving by a rookie in a season?

17, by Bob Shaw and Randy Moss

What is the value of a fake randy moss card?

With very few exceptions, the value of a fake anything is zero. This is especially true of something that is as easy to produce as a fake card.

What are the values of rookie football cards autographed by Randy Moss?

Well randy moss's use to be worth alot more but now they are down alot. but maybe 5-25 dollars!

What is the value of a Patriots Randy Moss Plaque?

RANDY MOSS -WR- (PATRIOTS) 7 Time Pro Bowler Sig 8x10 $125.00

Is randy moss is married?

No, Randy Moss is not married.

Who is better randy moss or terell Owens?

Randy Moss

Where was randy moss from?

Randy Moss is from Rand, West Virginia

How much is a randy moss viking card worth singed?

if in mint condition about $17550.

What does randy moss drive?

Randy moss drives a Lexus Loafer

What position does Randy Moss play?

Randy Moss is a wide reciever.

What is Randy moss number?

81 is currently Randy Moss number

Who is better randy moss or Chad Ochocinco?

Randy moss of course

Who is faster Tom Brady or randy moss?

Randy Moss by alot