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17, by Bob Shaw and Randy Moss

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Q: What is the most touchdowns receiving by a rookie in a season?
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Did Randy Moss break any records?

Most receiving touchdowns in a season (23 in 2007) and most receiving touchdowns in a rookie season (17 in 1998)

How many records did the patriots break in 2007?

Most points scored in a season Most touchdowns in a season Most consecutive regular season victories Most victories in a season Randy Moss broke the touchdowns receiving in a season Tom Brady broke the touchdowns passing in a season

What Rookie Quarterback has the most rushing touchdowns in a single season in the NFL?

Cam Newton

Which rookie quarterback holds the record for most touchdowns in one season?

dan marrino

Who holds the record for the most receiving touchdowns in a season?

Randy Moss(New England Patriots) with 24 touchdowns

Who had the most receiving touchdowns last season?

Larry Fitzgerald and Randy moss. 13 TDs

Who holds the New England Patriots record for most receiving touchdowns in a season?

Randy Moss

Jerry Rice records?

Most receiving yards, Most touchdowns, most touchdown in the post season, most receptions.

Which former Chicago bears running back holds the record for most touchdowns in a rookie season?

Gale Sayers

Most interceptions thrown in one season by Peyton Manning?

he threw 28 interceptions as a rookie with 26 touchdowns

Most receiving touchdowns in NFL 2008 season?

Larry Fitzgerald of the Cardinals and Calvin Johnson of the Lions, each with 12.

Who has the most Rookie quarterback rushing touchdown in the season 2011-2012?

Payton Manning with 4,135 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns