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Q: What is the value of the Wheaties packers box?
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Will there be a Packers Wheaties box for Super Bowl XLV?

Yes, and it is out now- but only in Wisconsin, so far.

What is the value of doug Williams wheaties box?


What is the value of a Wheaties cereal box with Dan Marino's picture on it?

What is the value of a box of Wheaties. Denver Broncos 1997 champions. Full in perfect condition.

What is the value of an unopened box of wheaties with San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl 29 on the front?

This box of Wheaties is worth 15 dollars.

What is the value of 2000 St. Louis Rams wheaties box?


How much is 1993 Chicago Bulls three peat Wheaties box worth?

The value of a Larry Bird Wheaties box depends on its condition. As of 2014 this box in mint condition is worth about 20 dollars.

What is the value of a cal ripken Jr Wheaties box with no logo?

The Wheaties Cal Ripkin Consecutive Games Commemorative Edition Box featuring no Orioles logo or number has a book value of $25.00 in near/mint condition. The overall condition of the box is more important than if it contains cereal or not. Flattened boxes will sell for less. The Wheaties box with the logos has a book value of a bout $12.

How much value for 1991 box of wheaties with Pittsburgh penguins on cover?

The 1991 Wheaties box with the Pittsburgh Penguins on the cover is worth about 5 to about 60 dollars depending on its condition. The boxes average about 10 dollars.

Who was the first athlete on a Wheaties' box?

Lou Gehrig was the first athlete to appear on a Wheaties box in 1934.

What is the value of the Bruce Jenner wheaties box?

Probably nothing.....i had boxes about the '81 world series and the '91 world series and i had 8 with michael jorden and nobody wanted them...even collectors or even ebay. I gave them all to goodwill. Broke my heart! Maybe they can get a nickel for each one from a grandma that is looking for a christmas present for little jimmy.

Who was the first team on the box of wheaties?

In 1986, Walter Payton became the first football player to be shown on the front of a box of Wheaties.

How much is a 1998 Brett favre autographed framed wheaties box worth?

A Hank Aaron signed Wheaties box would be compatible in value with a 8 x 10 photo which is worth about $60.-$150. or a little less. The box in near/mint condition with or without cereal. A flattened box will have about the same value. The better the display the higher value. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Add for inscriptions. Collectors will pay more for inscriptions like "755 HR" and pay less for personal inscriptions like "Good Luck Chuck"