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The value of books is difficult to determine without more information. Is the book paperback or hardback? Is it a first edition? Is the title a common or uncommon one? Is it flat signed or is it inscribed to someone? Is the author alive, and how frequently do they sign stuff? is a good site for determining values of books, as thousands of different booksellers list their inventories. You can generally ignore the highest prices (they may not sell at that) and get a good idea from the average selling price.

You can narrow the search by specific criteria such as binding type or signed and unsigned.

It does not appear that Kliban books are extremely hot--first editions can be had for about ten bucks which isn't a good sign. The signature may add some value.

The bottom line is: you won't get rich. If it's of sentimental value at all, I'd keep it.

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Q: What is the value of an autographed B Kliban book?
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