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It is worth as much as the two amazing hockey players Louis and lorado/ about $1,000,000,000,000,000,000

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Q: What is the value of a signed todd bertuzzi red wings jersey when he signed it it was very rare?
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What is Todd Bertuzzi's number on the Detroit Red Wings?

Todd Bertuzzi is number 44 on the Detroit Red Wings.

What position does Todd Bertuzzi play?

Todd Bertuzzi plays right wing for the Detroit Red Wings.

What NHL team does Todd Bertuzzi play for?

Robert Bortuzzo plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Who holds the all time record for penalty minutes on the Detroit Red Wings?

todd Bertuzzi

Who wore 44 for the Detroit red wings?

Currently Bertuzzi wears 44. I'm wearing his shirt right now!

What is the value of a 1997 Red Wings signed mini hockey stick?

depends who autographed it

Does the Jersey Devil have wings?

Yes the jersey devil actually is said to look like a horse with bat like wings and a devils tail.

People on the red wings who aren't Swedish?

currently: Dan Cleary, Jimmy Howard, Chris Osgood, Brian Rafalski, Bret Lebda, Pavel Datsyuk, Todd Bertuzzi, Kris Draper, Darren Helm.

Who wears red wings jersey 3?


What is the value of a autographed CCM Red Wings Jersey with the follow signatures Gordie Howe Ted Lindsey Sid Abel and Alex Delvecchio?

I have one. It,s priceless

In 1997 what company produced the Red Wings jersey?

It was Nike.

Where can you get a Probe-rt Robert red wings jersey?