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Q: What is the value of a signed basketball by Chamberlain Walton Jabar ONeil and John Wooden I have authintification?
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Was basketball always played on a wooden court?

no, i don't play b-ball on a wooden court.

What actors and actresses appeared in Coach Wooden - 2005?

The cast of Coach Wooden - 2005 includes: Mike Matheson as Narrator Andre McCarter as himself Bill Walton as himself John Wooden as himself

Basketball coach most NCAA championships?

john wooden

What coach has the most college basketball championship?

John Wooden

Who is the best college coach all time in basketball?

John Wooden

Who is the Pac-Ten All Time basketball scoring leaders?


What sports did John Wooden play his freshman year at Purdue?

basketball and baseball

Why wouldn't john wooden be the best ncaa basketball coach of all time with 10 national championships?

because he sucks at basketball

Who was the team that dominated men's college basketball in the 1960s and 1970s?

UCLA was a great basketball team under John Wooden at that time

What actors and actresses appeared in John Wooden Memorium - 2009?

The cast of John Wooden Memorium - 2009 includes: Ron Artest as Basketball Player John Wooden as Story Teller

Who is the best men's college basketball coach ever?

Many say it is John Wooden.

Why is there an award named after him john wooden?

John Wooden was a renowned basketball coach who led UCLA to numerous championships. The award named after him, the John Wooden Award, is given to the most outstanding men's and women's college basketball players in the United States each year to honor his contributions to the sport.